NYIT is a global, dynamic, and forward-thinking university with six campuses and seven schools/colleges. Its students graduate profession-ready and become engaged physicians, scientists, architects, engineers, and more. While technology and innovation underscore everything it does, NYIT’s website wasn’t showing it. Through this redesign, NYIT wanted to build its reputation, instill trust in potential applicants, and embrace its newly revised brand guidelines.

NYIT homepage
My selected design concept adopted the logo’s square and use of Times New Roman in creative ways. Research assets and photography took the spotlight, and different planes intersected and layered to simulate the energy of ideas. Illustrations, the addition of a monospaced font, and touches of animation kept the approach youthful.
NYIT homepage small screens
We designed for small screens at the same time as large to help focus on readability and content priority. The feature area served as a way to quickly change the tone of the page.